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Summer 2014 New York Photo Shoot

Big Men…Dress,Live, and Be Your Best!

Photography by IG @DennisTheMenis


by Moro

When I see things like this I’m just in awe at creativity and artistry that is God.

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Invest in yourself. You can afford it. Trust me.

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Earlier this year Zora Ball was your average 1st grader until she decided to create and develop a mobile video game app, making her the youngest person to ever do so. At just 7-years old Zora managed to learn a programming language called “Bootstrap” that is normally used to teach kids ages 12 through 16 the different concepts of Algebra by using video games. Her teachers and family were astonished by her accomplishment. 

She was invited to an expo at the University of Penn where she was put on the spot and asked to reconfigure the app in front of everyone to prove that it was her that developed the mobile app in the first place and not her older brother who is a scholar student. Zora successfully did so and got rid of any doubt that anyone had. 
Zora Ball is now referred to a young prodigy with an extremely bright future in technology and computer science. Young Zora is an example of Black Excellence not having an age requirement.
Written By: @Champion_Us

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Accepting help is brave - Hotlines/crisis lines



  • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE (2433) – Can use in US, U.K., Canada and Singapore
  • Suicide Crisis Line: 1-800-999-9999
  • National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8245)
  • National Adolescent Suicide Helpline: 1-800-621-4000
  • Postpartum…

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I’m looking at my followers like


Do y’all know how gorgeous y’all are? How foiiiiiine y’all are? For real? I hope each and every one of you sees the beauty inside and out. Y’all got too much going on to be basic, to be content with mediocrity, to strive for ANYTHING other than pure excellence.


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i was asked why i smile at black people when i see them on the street

"it’s not really anything other than that only black people smile at me. most white people act like they can’t see me. i’ve had grown white men let doors slam in my face or see me struggling with things in my hands and ignored…

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Very cheesy “my first car that’s like legit in my name” picture.




Very cheesy “my first car that’s like legit in my name” picture.


I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.

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